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Mark De Clive-Lowe + Friends – Freedom: Celebrating The Music Of Pharoah Sanders

Mark De Clive-Lowe + Friends – Freedom: Celebrating The Music Of Pharoah Sanders

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Reinterpreting a set of Pharoah Sanders highly respected music is not for the creatively timid, and Mark himself sets out the approach and philosophy this collective took when approaching this project: “This album is a celebration of the music, joy and spirit that the great master-teacher Pharoah Sanders brings to the world through his lifelong creative journey. We gathered at Los Angeles’ Blue Whale jazz club to perform some of our favorite Pharoah compositions from a place of love, respect and gratitude for all the inspiration he’s brought to each of us. No one can play this music how Pharoah plays it - his expression is unique and imprinted on every one of his compositions in the deepest of ways. We can’t possibly improve on his mastery and share this music simply as a heartfelt thank you to Pharoah - we celebrate you, and are so grateful for all the timeless - and timely - music you have gifted to the world”.

Across this 12 track album the unique approach of improvised jazz is embellished with MdCL’s tasteful and subtle touches of electronica played & triggered – from behind his array of equipment he reinvigorates and energises the music with a deft and tasteful approach. The interplay between the musicians including vocalist Dwight Trible is flawless and more akin to a extensively rehearsed studio re

Album Preview


Side 1

1. Upper Egypt (10:51)
2. Elevation (5:01)
3. Colors (6:18)
Side 2

1. You've Got To Have Freedom (8:32)
2. Thembi (5:53)
3. Astral Traveling (7:49)
Side 3

1. The Creator Has A Master Plan (15:26)
2. Greeting To Saud (Brother McCoy Tyner) (3:46)
3. Love Is Everywhere (3:20)

Side 4
1. Mansions World (8:02)
2. Ore-Se-Rere (6:37)
3. Memories Of Lee Morgan (4:52)

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