Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bantu Records physical store currently open?

No, Bantu Records' physical store is currently closed due to renovations, but you can still purchase items online.

Can I still purchase vinyl from Bantu Records during the renovation period?

Yes, even though the physical store is closed for renovations, customers can still purchase vinyl online.

What types of products does Bantu Records offer

Bantu Records offers a variety of vinyl records including new releases, exclusive releases, and pre-owned vinyl.

Are there any exclusive or limited edition items available at Bantu Records?

Bantu Records offers exclusive and meticulously curated collections which may include limited edition items.

How can I be updated about new collections and exclusive offers from Bantu Records?

You can subscribe to Bantu Records' emails to be the first to know about new collections and exclusive offers.

What types of music genres does Bantu Records specialize in?

Bantu Records specializes in celebrating African music and culture, though they offer a wide range of music genres.

Is there any way to contact Bantu Records directly?

Yes, Bantu Records can be contacted via Whatsapp at +27 74 972 1609.

Does Bantu Records have any social or cultural initiatives?

Yes, they are dedicated to celebrating African music and culture and also feature a local collection of African artists.

Can I request a custom order from Bantu Records?

Yes, Bantu Records offers the possibility to place custom orders, allowing you to personalize your shopping experience.