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EVM128 – Input Vol. I

EVM128 – Input Vol. I

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Producers at the heart of the broken beat revival, EVM128 and James Rudie met through the CDR project, and soon after started to mess about collaborating with Gonzi. After coining the concept of INPUT, they found a home via Tony Thorpe at Studio Rockers, and the seed was sewn. The concept is simple, make a beat, pass it on, and let someone else add to it. It's about letting go of self and letting the music go somewhere it wouldn't have gone otherwise. It was a labor of love until each track felt right. Talented musicians, producers, singers, and rappers came on board to fulfill the brief, and the end product is a modern-day broken masterpiece. It’s about collaboration, whether in the mixing and arrangement, performance, keys, percussion, synth, bass, - everything was a joint effort.

Album Preview



A1 Changes

A2 Read Him

B1 Gold

B2 Gut Level

C1 One Design

C2 The Edge

D1 Complete Me

D2 Naughty Groove


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