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Moodymann – Forevernevermore

Moodymann – Forevernevermore

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Classic Moodymann material. Moodymann needs no introduction as a Detroit house innovator, nor does he waste any time in grabbing your attention. Like being dropped into a club halfway through a DJ set, Forevernevermore throws you straight into the deep end of his KDJ label tracks and mixes, all full of heart and rhythmic idiosyncrasy. From the glittery beats of ‘Meanwhile Back At Home’, to the intoxicatingly soulful ‘The Thief That Stole My Sad Days (Ya Blessin Me)’, and all throughout the furious disco odyssey of ‘Forevernevermore’, Moodymann’s method of stitching together tracks and samples remains as relevant as ever.

Album Preview



Side 1
1. Meanwhile Back At Home (4:01)
2. Wednesday Night People (1:59)
3. The Set Up (4:25)

Side 2
1. (Logo) (3:38)
2. Don't You Want My Love (4:24)

Side 3
1. Your Sweet Lovin (3:25)
2. The Thief That Stole My Sad Days (Ya Blessin Me) (6:56)

Side 4
1. Tribute (6:54)
2. Forevernevermore (5:18)

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