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Kumail – Yasmin

Kumail – Yasmin

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Yasmin was always meant to be the birth of a new sound for Kumail. After spending his formative years delving into textural lo-fi electronica and textural ambient music, he went searching for a new sound more in tune with his older, more mature, and more thoughtful self. What began as a study of modern soul music – drawing heavily from R&B, jazz, and hip-hop – eventually sprawled to include flavors from across the world and time. 80’s Japanese funk, crackling gospel, shiny disco, cutting-edge LA beat music and the omnipresence of Dilla, all leave their faint but indelible mark.

But deep within, Yasmin is a gritty world in which not much is going right. That world borders on real-life struggles with sleeplessness and anxiety and being cooped up in a room in Bombay, India, which is where (and how) most of this album came to life. Countless nights were spent making music to distract from a lack of inner calm and rest.

Album Preview



Side A

1A Ain't In My Head (2:17)
2A Kkwy (3:02)
3A For Youuu (2:40)
4A 3 AM (2:28)

Side B

1B Same Shit (feat Pink Siifu) (3:25)
2B Obota (feat Azamaan Hoyvoy) (2:03)
3B All U Know (2:14)
4B Ease Up (feat Sid Vashi) (1:59)
5B Bugsbed (2:21)

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