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Jesse Sharps – Sharps And Flats

Jesse Sharps – Sharps And Flats

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A limited-edition Nimbus West Records re-issue of Jesse Sharp's much-loved jazz album 'Sharps And Flats', this edition was cut directly from the 1/2” master tapes. One of the very best (and also very last) studio recordings that Tom Albach undertook in the USA for his Nimbus label; this album sat in the vaults for many years before being issued on a CD in the early 2000s.

Album Preview


Side 1
1. The Goat & The RamJam (7:02)
2. Question (6:59)
3. Macrame (6:11)
Side 2
1. Mike's Tune (7:48)
2. As A Child (6:47)
3. Carnival (4:56)

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