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Tomorrow's People – Open Soul

Tomorrow's People – Open Soul

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Floating Points reissued this album on his Melodies International imprint is of Open Soul, the 1976 debut album from Chicagoan soul/jazz-funk fusionist six-member outfit Tomorrow's People led by four Burton Brothers. The album is notoriously hard to find, with original copies occasionally changing hands online for eye-watering sums of money. It's a terrific album, as is this welcome reissue on the Japanese label P Vine with obi strip. Spanning a wide range of soul and jazz-funk styles - from the rubbery, sax-laden disco-funk bump of "Let's Get Down With The Beat" and doo-wop influenced "Hurry Up Tomorrow", via the blistering "Hurt Perversion" - it's an inspired collection that stands up to repeat listens. Epic flipside cut "Open Soul" - a 20-mimute trip into the space-soul territory - is especially good.



Side 1
1.    Lovers To Friends (3:55)
2.    It Ain't Fair (4:31)
3.    Hurt Perversion (5:08)
4.    Hurry On Up Tomorrow (3:32)
5.    Let's Get Down With The Beat (2:56)
Side 2
1.    Open Soul (20:14)


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