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MOMENTUM -Calibro 35

MOMENTUM -Calibro 35

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Italian cult combo CALIBRO 35 release their highly anticipated 7th studio album “DECADE” on January 24th 2020. “Momentum” follows “DECADE” their previous studio album released in 2018 that has marked 10 years of Calibro 35 and it stands out as a new starting point for the project. In the last 10 years, Calibro 35 have dug the golden age of soundtracks and they’ve been to the future with “S.P.A.C.E.”, “Momentum”, as the band stated: "represents a look at nowadays and a reflection about making music right in the time that we’re living”.

Album Preview



 Side A
1A Glory-Fake-Nation (3:25)
2A Stan Lee (feat Illa J) (3:23)
3A Death Of Storytelling (3:37)
4A Automata (3:45)
5A Tom Down (4:25)

Side B
1B Thunderstorms & Data (3:58)
2B Black Moon (feat MEI) (3:52)
3B Fail It Till You Make It (3:12)
4B 4x4 (4:48)
5B One Nation Under A Format (3:44)

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