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Zoe's Shanghai – Lava Love

Zoe's Shanghai – Lava Love

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Lava and love portray in fact a dynamic flow of memory and meaning pouring out of Zoe’s Shanghai’s heart. In and out of the metaphor, Lava and love can be powerful, frightening, beautiful, dangerous and at the same time are essential elements that create fertile change and growth.

Through the 11 songs, the band evoke memories and pose questions - inner dialogues, life stories, encounters and relationships - ‘Lava Love’ depicts a kaleidoscope of moods and feelings, prompting the listener to open to the conversation: while each song presents a microcosm on its own, the album manifests itself in the shared musical experience - immersive music to listen to and enjoy...

Album Preview


Side A
1A Mother
2A Sabotage
3A Glimpse Of A RoAr
4A 7min
5A Niassam
Side B
1B Fiction Island
2B Lava Love
3B Give Me Your Gold
4B Anatomy Of An Emotion
5B Hibiscus Noise
6B Father

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