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Jamie Finlay - Sun Dogs

Jamie Finlay - Sun Dogs

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Jamie Finlay - a unique blend of electric soul, spiritual jazz and psychedelia. This is a deeply layered and personal album that explores themes of love, loss, grief, and finding strength through turbulent times, and this list of eight tracks.

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Side 1

  1. "Destroy Create" (feat Kemani Anderson - part I)
  2. "Rain Will Come"
  3. "Staring At The Sun" (feat Caitlin LM)
  4. "Family" (feat Ellen Beth Abdi)

Side 2

  1. "Parhelion"
  2. "Give Back My Love" (feat Ellen Beth Abdi)
  3. "Destroy Create" (feat Kemani Anderson & Ellen Beth Abdi - part II)
  4. "Daylight" (feat Ellen Beth Abdi)
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