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Guts – Eternal

Guts – Eternal

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Since the release of his previous album “Hip Hop After All”, his profile of Guts has grown a lot to become one of the main french producers and a recognized name on the European scene.

His hit “Want It Back” was played by many radios worldwide. His compilation series “Beach Diggin’ “ is now a reference for summer and quality music.

Album Preview



Side A
1A Opening (feat Tanya Morgan) (2:25)
2A Take Me Back (feat Leron Thomas & Tanya Morgan) (2:56)
3A All Or Nothing (feat Tanya Morgan & Lorine Chia) (3:46)
4A Dirty Otter (3:05)
Side B
1B Give You Up (feat Leron Thomas) (7:03)
2B Rest Of My Life (feat Lorine Chia & Tanya Morgan) (4:15)
3B Peaceful Life (feat Lorine Chia) (4:09)
Side C
1C Incomplete (feat Leron Thomas) (4:50)
2C Nowhere (5:09)
3C Kiss My Converse (feat Tanya Morgan & Leron Thomas) (3:28)
4C Epic Poses (feat Leron Thomas) (4:44)
Side D
1D Every Generation (4:39)
2D Desintoxication (3:38)
3D Dance, Love & Die (6:11)

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