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Kokoroko - Could We Be More

Kokoroko - Could We Be More

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Kokoroko have been on all world music lovers' radars since their very first and very impressive EP on Brownswood back in 2018. Now we are treated to an expansive and adventurous debut album on the same label that sees the group build on their great early start. Could We Be More has been preceded by new single 'We Give Thanks' and draws plenty of inspiration from the highlife and jazz sounds of West Africa, the Afrobeat and psych-funk sounds of the 70s and plenty of modern broken beat styles. Each tunes swells with emotion and evokes good times.

Album Preview


Side 1
1.    Tojo (4:00)
2.    Blue Robe (part 1) (0:36)
3.    Ewa Inu (6:41)
4.    Age Of Ascent (4:57)
5.    Dide O (4:12)
6.    Soul Searching (3:27)
Side 2
1.    We Give Thanks (3:40)
2.    Those Good Times (4:12)
3.    Reprise (0:26)
4.    War Dance (5:38)
5.    Interlude (1:59)
6.    Home (2:06)
7.    Something's Going On (5:05)
8.    Outro (0:37)
9.    Blue Robe (part 2) (0:24)

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