Umculo usiko lwethu - The power of music at Bantu Records in Johannesburg

By Lindelwa Masuku
Braamfontein, a suburb in Johannesburg is a cultural hub that celebrates diversity and innovation. And at the heart of this cultural hub is Bantu Records, a queer black-owned record store that is dedicated to celebrating African music and culture.

From classic African music to contemporary Afro-fusion, Bantu Records curates a unique selection of carefully hand-picked records that reflect the richness and diversity of African music.
Bantu Records is not just a record store; it is a community hub for music lovers. The store provides a space where people can come together to listen, talk and buy vinyl records from all around the world. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with the store's staff always ready to share their knowledge of music and the stories behind each record.
Bantu Records in Johannesburg
One of the unique things about Bantu Records is its focus on local artists. The store houses records/vinyls from iconic South African artists such as Miriam Makeba, Bra Hugh Masekela, and Malcolm Jiyane, to name a few.

Bantu Records also showcases the work of up-and-coming local artists, providing them with a platform to reach a wider audience.

Bantu Records is more than just a record store. It is a place where memories are made. People come to the store to browse through the records, discover new music, and connect with others who share their love for music.

The store's events are always well-attended, with music lovers coming together to dance and enjoy the music. Bantu Records has become a cultural institution in Braamfontein, and its impact on the local community cannot be overstated.
Bantu Records in Johannesburg
Bantu Records is a testament to the power of music. It is a place where people can come together to celebrate African music and culture. Its focus on local artists and its commitment to providing a space for music lovers has made it a community hub that is beloved by many. 

And with its favourite saying, “Umculo usiko lwethu,” which translates to “Music is our culture,” Bantu Records continues to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for music lovers all over South Africa.
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