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The Zenmenn – Enter The Zenmenn

The Zenmenn – Enter The Zenmenn

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Enter The Zenmenn sounds as old as it sounds new, as organic as it is electric, as harmonic as it is rhythmic, and the album’s fusion of different palettes, colors, tempos, instruments, and sources offers a harmonious balance and unity that already feels like the perfect soundtrack to a better world. In a time of what they see as spiritual neglect, it offers a “human kind of stillness” through the “dualistic fusions of complexity and simplicity, mystery and clarity and East and West.

Album Preview



A1 - The Magic Eye

A2 - Homage To A Friendship Feat. John Moods

A3 - Flags Of The World

A4 - Bamboo Garden

B1 - Stairway To Heaven

B2 - Salad Bar

B3 - Topaz (The Days Of Our Lives)

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