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The Movers – Vol.1 - 1970-1976

The Movers – Vol.1 - 1970-1976

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Initially discovered by the label via cassette tapes picked up in Jo'burg's Kohinoor store back in 1995, The Movers feature on the 35th in Germany's Analog Africa's series of band spotlights. As its title suggests, this captures the band's work across the lion's share of the 70s, and tracks like 'Hot Coffee' and '2nd Avenue' are irresistibly, instantly groovy, but also a fascinating sonic crossroads where African jit music meets the funk and soul of the US and the funkier end of the guitar music coming out of the UK and Europe at the same time. All are executed In the most natural, free-flowing, as well, which makes this package even harder to resist.

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Side 1
1.    Give Five Or More (2:33)
2.    Tau Special (2:50)
3.    Soweto Inn (3:13)
4.    Soul Crazy (2:34)
5.    Kudala Sithandana (2:54)
6.    Oupa Is Back (3:37)
7.    Balele (3:11)

Side 2
1.    Hot Coffee (2:33)
2.    Gig Soul Party (2:56)
3.    Ku-Ku-Chi (2:30)
4.    2nd Avenue (2:35)
5.    Phukeng Special (2:33)
6.    Six Mabone (2:41)
7.    Plenty Time (2:31)

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