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Groupe RTD – The Dancing Devils Of Djibouti

Groupe RTD – The Dancing Devils Of Djibouti

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The first-ever international album from Djibouti and Ostinato's first studio recorded album. This ain't a compilation or reissue!

A stunning collision of Indian Bollywood, Jamaican dub and reggae, sleek horns inspired by Harlem’s jazz era, Somali funk, and the haunting and joyous synthesizer melodies of the Red Sea by Groupe RTD, one of East Africa’s best kept secrets.

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Side A
1A Buuraha U Dheer (The Highest Mountains) (6:41)
2A Raga Kaan Ka'Eegtow (You Are The One I Love) (6:02)

Side B
1B Kuusha Caarey (The Pearl Necklace) (4:06)
2B Raani (Queen) (6:57)
3B Alto's Interlude (2:09)

Side C
1C Uurkan Kaadonaya (I Want You) (6:49)
2C Halkaasad Dhigi Magtiisa (That's Where You'll Leave His Reward) (4:21)

Side D
1D Iiso Daymo (Look At Me) (4:03)
2D Suuban (Joy) (4:59)
3D Wiil Wille (The Jumping Man) (2:11)

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