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Balimaya Project – Wolo So

Balimaya Project – Wolo So

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Their album Wolo So arrives after five years in the making, yet its roots chart a young percussionist forging a deeper musical identity from even further back.

Meaning 'the essence of kinship' in Mandé's Maninka language, the word Balimaya articulates a family model not limited to blood relations but of a shared history and experience, of friendship and community, a concept at the heart of Camara Onono's vision for the 16-piece group, declaring that "it's become a brotherhood."

Album Preview



Side 1
1. Balimaya 
2. Soninka/Patronba 
3. I No Go Gree 
Side 2
1. Viens Me Liberer (interlude) 
2. City Of God
3. Anangofoli 
4. Dakan

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