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Allysha Joy – Torn : Tonic

Allysha Joy – Torn : Tonic

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Torn: Tonic' pulls us into a 10-track journey that weaves through the multiplicity of letting go, standing tall, and creating space all at once. The album's expansive and vivid exploration of healing examines the power that comes with accepting the complexity of change. Allysha walks listeners through the remedy she finds in sound and emerges empowered to share this healing with others. Deeply moving and lyrically compelling, 'Torn : Tonic' hosts a stellar line-up of artists, creating a world of collective power, growth, and hope.

Album Preview



 Side A
1. Peace (feat Rara Zulu) (3:45)
2. Calling You (feat Ego Ella May) (3:24)
3. YK x YE (feat BINA) (3:07)
4. Let It! (4:57)
5. Quit Trying So Hard (3:48)

Side B

1. Still Dreaming (feat Rara Zulu) (4:24)
2. Remedy (5:20)
3. Healers (feat Dancing Water) (2:39)
4. Fatima (feat Belle Bangard) (3:40)
5. GND (5:33)

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